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Professional Vision serves patients
in Timonium, Carney & Ellicott City

Professional Vision is a boutique family eyecare practice, with fashionable designer frames and sunglasses. We have an eye doctor available for appointments for contact lenses, comprehensive eye exams, treatment of eye diseases, and  emergency care, 6 days a week, at all 3 offices.

What makes Professional Vision different from other eyecare offices I've been to?

  • Vision Services - Eye exams, emergency visits, contact lenses, LASIK and cataract surgery co-management, and treatment of eye diseases..
  • Dedicated Doctors - Our optometrists spend quality time with each patient.
  • Designer Eyewear - Fashion frames, premium lenses, contacts & accessories.
  • Dry Eye Specialists - Expert care and management of dry eyes.
  • Eye Care Technology - The latest, cutting edge medical eyecare equipment.
  • Insurance - Most routine vision & medical insurances accepted.

Read reviews from our happy patients and share your experience at Timonium, Ellicott City or Carney on Google. We also serve the surrounding area including White Marsh and Perry Hall. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Q&A with Dr. B

Dr. Barnstein Answers Your Eyecare Questions

What are these spots I sometimes see in my vision?

Fortunately, most of the time, these spots, which can be known as “vitreous floaters”, are harmless. If you have “spots in your vision” and haven’t had an eye examination since you first noticed the floaters, I suggest you visit an eye doctor. If flashes of light also accompany the floaters, then it’s even more important to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor immediately. Sometimes the floaters can be caused by shifts in the jelly like substance in the eye called the vitreous. A small percentage of the time, floaters can be caused by an area of aggravation in the retina, that can lead to a tear, hole, or even retinal detachment. If someone has migraines, sometimes they can also have accompanying “eye migraines” or “ophthalmic migraines,” where they may notice spots or sparkles in their vision. For people with spots and even flashes after 40-50 years of age, they can sometimes have what’s called a “posterior vitreous detachment.” This is where the vitreous (jelly like substance) shrinks in size, where it pulls away from the front and back of the eye, causing a shakeup. In most cases, a posterior vitreous detachment is harmless, but it’s still important to have it checked by an eye doctor to make sure there’s nothing wrong with the retina. If you are diagnosed with vitreous floaters that turn out to be the harmless type, there is usually not a lot you can do to treat them. Over time, the brain will adapt to the spots in your vision, where they will hopefully become less noticeable. When you visit an eye doctor and they diagnosis you with floaters that are not harming your retina, you should still have the floaters monitored at least annually.

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