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Professional Vision serves patients
in Timonium, Carney & Ellicott City

Professional Vision is a boutique family eyecare practice, with fashionable designer frames and sunglasses. We have an eye doctor available for appointments for contact lenses, comprehensive eye exams, treatment of eye diseases, and  emergency care, 6 days a week, at all 3 offices.


What makes Professional Vision unique?

  • Vision Services - Eye exams, emergency visits, contact lenses, LASIK and cataract surgery co-management, and treatment of eye diseases..
  • Dedicated Doctors - Our optometrists spend quality time with each patient.
  • Designer Eyewear - Fashion frames, premium lenses, contacts & accessories.
  • Dry Eye Specialists - Expert care and management of dry eyes.
  • Eye Care Technology - The latest, cutting edge medical eyecare equipment.
  • Insurance - Most routine vision & medical insurances accepted.

Read reviews from our happy patients and share your experience at Timonium, Ellicott City or Carney on Google. We also serve the surrounding area including White Marsh and Perry Hall. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Q&A with Dr. B

Dr. Barnstein Answers Your Eyecare Questions

What is an Eye Twitch? How Can I Get Rid of it? ( Myokymia )

Most people I know at one time or another have had that annoying eyelid twitch. If you haven’t, it’s when a part of your eyelid pulsates over and over, seemingly coming out of nowhere. For the person that has it, the eyelid pulsation appears like it’s so pronounced that anyone can notice it when they see you. It can last from a few minutes, up to hours, and even days and weeks. What can you do about it? A lid twitch (myokymia) is a spastic, muscle contraction inside of the lid, often related to stress, fatigue, eye strain, caffeine, dry eyes, allergies, and alcohol. I used to get them sometimes while in optometry school before big tests. I often joke with patients that what they need is a nice vacation! Whatever it is that you usually do to try and relieve stress may alleviate the symptoms some. I would exercise to help with stress back in the school days when I did get lid twitches. Most of the time eyelid twitches are harmless. Sometimes an eyelid twitch with both lids can be associated with blepharospasm and hemifacial spasms, which can be more serious and should be examined by an eye doctor. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Have a great day!

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