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Into Your 40’s With Changes in Your Near Vision? What are Some Options to Help?

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Hi Everyone! I've been practicing optometry for almost 24 years, where I enjoy it more than ever! One of the things that our team loves at Professional Vision Timonium & Carney, is helping our patients with their near vision changes as they approach their 40's. (Trouble on their smartphone, the computer at work, Ipad, Laptop, etc...) If someone wants to see better with eyewear, we have some of the best lens technology available by ZEISS. If someone wants to see better at near without glasses, we have some of the latest in multifocal contact lens technology, like the Biotrue One Day Lens for Presbyopia. There are numerous factors involved in terms of what may work best for each patient. Below, I'll list one example for eyewear and one example without eyewear. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

The ZEISS Office Lens eases eye strain, head, neck, & back pain, while using your computer or other digital devices. We've found this lens to work exceptionally well for people that work in front of a desktop computer all day.

ZEISS office lenses
The Biotrue One Day Lenses for Presbyopia "can provide clear comfortable vision at all distances." This lens can work wonders for people that want to see at distance and near without the use of glasses.


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