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Can I Wear Contact Lenses If I Need Bifocals and My Eyes Are Dry?

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By Dr. Richard Barnstein 

Here are some factors to consider:

1. How much do you want to wear contact lenses, or would like to see and do things without having to wear glasses? It's not so much "how much you want to wear contacts, as much as "how much do you want to see without having to use glasses for certain tasks?" For 1st time wearers, I've found this desire to be the number one factor in wearing contacts.

2. How much/how often would you like to wear them/not have to wear glasses to see something? Some of my patients wear contacts all day, while others may wear them for more specific endeavors, like for evenings, weekends, and hobbies.

3. It depends on your eye health history/Any history of eye conditions that may make it difficult to wear contact lenses. Certain health conditions can be associated with more dry eye conditions that may hinder the use of contact lenses. This doesn't necessarily mean that someone in this situation cannot wear contacts.

4. It can depend on the type of vision you have.There tends to be more choices than ever for someone to be able to wear contact lenses, but some types of vision have more limitations in choices.

I hope this helps!


Dr. Richard Barnstein

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