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Vision Solutions in Carney and Timonium

At Professional Vision, we offer various eye care services for adults and children. Our services range from thorough eye exams to co-managing laser vision correction surgeries, ensuring we cover every aspect of your vision needs.

Rest assured, your eyes are in expert hands, and your vision health is our topmost priority.

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Comprehensive Eye Care Services

We provide a comprehensive suite of eye care services designed to cater to every aspect of your vision and eye health. Our exams are thorough, going beyond simple visual acuity tests to evaluate the complete health of your eyes, screen for various conditions, and craft personalized care strategies.

This holistic approach helps us deliver meticulous support for your overall vision health and effectively manage eye conditions and diseases.

Whether you're seeking preventive care, acute condition management, or ongoing treatment plans, our goal is to provide top-tier eye care that preserves and enhances your vision in Carney and Timonium in Maryland.

Meeting Eye Health Needs with Technology

Our practice aims to meet the needs of every family member, from routine eye examinations to advanced diagnostics and treatments for eye diseases. We utilize the latest technologies and techniques to ensure precise results and effective treatments.

Our Technology

At Professional Vision we utilize some of the latest technology including:

  • Computerized auto refractors
  • Digital Retinal Cameras
  • Optical Coherence Tomography
  • Visual Field Testing

Eye Care Equipment
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LASIK Co-Management

Our comprehensive co-management services allow you to explore a seamless approach to LASIK and other refractive surgeries. We collaborate closely with specialized surgeons to ensure you receive the best possible pre and post-operative care, optimizing your recovery and visual outcomes.

Our commitment extends beyond just treatment; we guide you through every step of the LASIK process, from initial consultation to final follow-up, ensuring your journey towards better vision is smooth and informed. Trust us to enhance your sight with advanced surgical techniques and thorough post-operative care.

Our Optometry Services

  • Experience a comprehensive and personalized eye examination at Professional Vision. We assess your vision and eye health to ensure optimal clarity and overall well-being.
  • Trust our gentle approach to children's eye care, where we prioritize their visual development and early detection of potential issues to set a strong foundation for a lifetime of clear vision.
  • Rely on our expertise in managing various ocular diseases, including glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and more. We provide personalized treatment plans to safeguard your vision.
  • Benefit from personalized treatment plans for various eye conditions, including dry eye, cataracts, and other concerns. Our experienced optometrists craft strategies to alleviate discomfort and enhance eye health.
  • Urgent eye concern? Trust our prompt and expert care for eye emergencies at Professional Vision. Your well-being is our priority, and we're here to address unexpected issues swiftly.
  • Vision therapy consists of tailored exercises that enhance vision skills such as eye-tracking, focusing, and eye teaming. It is especially beneficial for improving reading and learning challenges.