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Custom Eyewear at Professional Vision, MD

At Professional Vision, we blend fashion with function. Our collection of designer frames and sunglasses keeps pace with the dynamic world of fashion while accommodating your budgetary needs. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we find the perfect eyewear that resonates with your style and financial preferences.

Visit us to experience the latest designer eyewear and sophisticated optical technology.

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Chic Prescription Eyeglasses

Explore our curated collection of designer eyewear brands, offering stylish frames and sunglasses that blend fashion-forward designs with exceptional quality and comfort. Whether you need eyeglasses for daily wear or designer sunglasses for style, our selection is crafted to meet every personal taste and vision need.

Enhanced Visual Comfort for Digital Users

We also offer Neurolenses, a groundbreaking solution available at Professional Vision, featuring a contoured prism design that corrects misalignment and relieves symptoms associated with digital eye strain, headaches, and neck pain. Perfect for those who spend long hours on digital devices, these lenses provide immediate comfort and long-term benefits by ensuring your eyes work together seamlessly.

Sunglasses and Prescription Sunglasses

Elevate your look with our extensive range of sunglasses, featuring the latest designs and maximum UV protection. Our carefully selected sunglasses enhance your style and play a crucial role in protecting your eye health. Choose from a variety of frames and tints to find the perfect pair that reflects your style and meets your lifestyle needs.

Advanced Protection & Style with Zeiss UVProtect and Transitions Lenses

Experience the ultimate UV protection with Zeiss UVProtect lenses, which offer sunglass-level UV shielding in a clear lens. This innovative technology ensures complete protection from harmful rays, setting a new standard in eye care. Complement these with Transitions lenses, which adapt to changing light conditions, providing seamless visual comfort, indoors or out, while safeguarding your eyes.

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Browse Our Featured Designer Eyeglasses

Vinylize Blondie opt
Silhouette 2024 Titan Minimal Art Highlight opt
Feb31st wood eyewear clip sunglass
Oliver Peoples W17 BS Spring 2024 opt

Durable and Stylish Eyewear for Children

Discover our delightful range of children's glasses, designed with durability and safety in mind. Our kids' optical collection offers styles that children love and parents trust, from vibrant, flexible frames to advanced lens technologies that protect young eyes from digital strain and physical impact.

We understand the importance of clear vision for children's development and confidence. Our eyewear for kids is tailored to withstand the rigors of their active lives while ensuring they can see the world with clarity and confidence, helping them succeed in every activity, academic or otherwise.

Eyeglasses Collection
Specialty Eyewear

Specialty Eyewear

Prepare for any activity with our safety and sports glasses, designed to protect your eyes during high-impact and outdoor activities. These glasses combine solid and durable materials with performance-oriented designs, ensuring your eyes are safe while enjoying an active lifestyle without compromising style or comfort.

Advanced Lens Treatments for Optimal Performance

Enhance your vision with our range of lens treatments designed for durability and performance. Our offerings include anti-reflective coatings, UV protection, and scratch-resistant finishes, which help extend the life of your lenses and improve visual clarity. Our range includes innovative options like ZEISS DuraVision Platinum anti-reflective lenses, which offer unparalleled clarity, cleanability, and toughness, enhancing your visual experience and daily comfort.

Eyewear Services We Offer

  • Introducing ZEISS DuraVision Platinum at Professional Vision in Timonium and Carney Village, MD, the anti-reflective lenses setting a new standard for clarity, cleanability, and toughness.
  • You'll find the best selection of designer eyewear at Professional Vision. See a selection of the brands that we carry.