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I've been coming to this location for years. The staff in the front area are super nice and helpful. The doctor is very knowledgeable.
1 week ago
- Cynthia T.
All people are very friendly and helpful
2 weeks ago
- Dale A.
Could not have been any better or quicker! 30 minutes from the time I walked in until my departure with new glasses ordered! Perhaps it was lucky timing, but I did not have to wait for any of the 4 staff members who assisted me. I was a returning customer, so they already had my insurance info. Plus my previous prescription was already preset into the eye doc's machine as a reference to check my vision. This saved time. I was given a choice to check my retina. Dilating the eye with drops for the doctor to check OR choosing retinal photo screening. Even though it cost me 40 dollars since the process was not covered by my insurance company, I chose the photo screening. That choice saved me at least 30 minutes, plus I did not have to walk out into the sun with dilated pupils. I told the eyewear person to show me glasses similar to my current style and those only those glasses within my insurance network to keep my costs down. I picked out a grayish pair compared to my current blueish glasses. I then paid my net cost after insurance, and I was done. The only thing that would have been better would be no change in my prescription - hence no new glasses needed. Wonderful experience at the Timonium center.
2 months ago
- andy h.
We moved to the area recently and were pleased to find such and professional and service-oriented vision professional office. Every time we have been there the staff and doctors have provided fast and efficient service, listened to and answered all questions and have always been extremely professional and supportive. We have also purchased new glasses and have enjoyed the quality of the product and the support in fitting them properly. Thanks Professional Vision of Timonium!!!!!
2 months ago
- Russ A.
Professional, thorough, timely, friendly physicians and office staff. Our entire family uses this practice for eye exams, glasses and contacts. Highly recommend!
3 months ago
- Karen W.
I’ve been going to Professional Vision for years, had appointments with a few doctors, and multiple interactions with staff during that time. PV is the most consistently professional, clean, pleasant, on-time eye care facility I’ve ever been to (out of several), which is why I still go there. Thank you, everyone, at PV, for making it such a pleasure to do business with you over the years.
4 months ago
- Mary L.
This place has a luxury but small town feel. The entire staff is friendly, helpful, and accommodating. I've seen two of the doctors and they are both lovely and professional. And I was helped to pick new glasses by one of the staff, and she and hunted together for a pair that suited me best. Not to mention, on my last visit, my 5 year old daughter also required a quick eye exam and I brought my 4 year old with us. It was not a bother for the staff at all, and Dr. Bernstein actively conversed with both of my kids during both mine and my daughters exam. He then proceeded to advise and inform regarding various contact choices rather than just pushing the latest brand. To end, I will highly recommend Total 30 contacts. Very comfortable, easy to remove and apply, and it's easy to tell if they are backwards.
4 months ago
- Victoria B.