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Start the School Year With Good Vision

A huge percentage of school-based learning is accomplished visually. But even with this obvious connection between eyesight and learning, a lot of people don't realize how profoundly vision problems affect education, and don't get their child's eyes examined frequently enough. As your child's vision may change frequently, regular eye and vision care is crucial to their academic success and self esteem.

As children go through school, it becomes even more important to keep an eye on their vision. Warning signs may include trouble seeing numbers or letters, watery eyes and frequent eye rubbing, squinting, avoiding small print, and head tilting.

Struggling to meet the demands schoolwork can make on a student's eyes can noticeably affect their academic performance. Technology that's recently been integrated into the classroom, like interactive whiteboards, can sometimes heighten less obvious vision problems. Without adequate vision, students may suffer not just in the classroom, but also mentally, physically and emotionally.

If you're the parent of a child who wears glasses already, the start of the school year is a good opportunity to see if their current frames are right for them. Even though your child might be able to see well wearing his or her current pair of glasses, they might not fit correctly or perhaps the lenses are not optimally positioned anymore due to normal growth. The more your child likes and feels comfortable in his/her glasses, the more they'll be worn!

Find a good time to visit us when you're getting your children ready for their year. We want to help your child start the new school year with excellent vision.