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Expert Pediatric Eye Care at Professional Vision

Are you a parent looking for a reassuring eye exam for your child? Look no further than Professional Vision. We understand that eye exams can be intimidating for kids, so we have created a welcoming and supportive environment where they can feel at ease.

We understand that vision is a fundamental sense that influences every stage of childhood and beyond. This is why we guide you and your child through the vision care process, ensuring their vision development is cared for.

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Nurturing Young Eyes in Carney & Timonium

Our experienced eye doctors will gently and patiently guide your child through the exam, using eye charts and autorefractor machines to make the process fun and engaging. We also understand the importance of vision for learning and how a child's eyesight develops over time, so we carefully screen for vision-related learning issues to help your child succeed in school.

We also help with the rise of myopia in children. Our eye doctors offer a variety of effective myopia control solutions, including specialized glasses and innovative contact lens options like CRT night contacts and dual-focus soft contacts.

These interventions can help slow myopia progression by up to 50%, helping your child maintain clear vision for the future.

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Plus, with our warranty program and reliable repair service, you can trust us to keep those frames in top shape.

Keeping Parents Informed on Child Eye Health

We take the time to discuss your child's visual development, explain vision problems, and give you treatment options. Our pediatric eye care services are available at our eye care centers in Carney and Timonium.

Eyeglasses for Younger Generations

At Professional Vision, we understand that kids need eyeglasses that they will love to wear. We offer a wide selection of stylish and cool frames that fit comfortably.

Our durable products and safe polycarbonate lenses ensure these glasses can withstand even the most adventurous child.

Contact Lenses for Active Lifestyles

Contact lenses are also a fantastic option for younger children, and at Professional Vision, we ensure they are safe and convenient. The latest advancements have made contact lenses more child-friendly than ever. Disposable contacts alleviate concerns about losing lenses, especially those meant to be discarded daily. Contact lenses can provide a sense of freedom for active kids, allowing them to participate in sports and other activities without worrying about their glasses.

We offer an easy, in-office, free trial to determine if your child is ready for contact lenses. We want to ensure that your child is comfortable with contact lenses.

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Optimize Your Child's Vision During Remote Learning

Since the Covid pandemic, remote learning has become a regular event for our kids. Here are some top tips to help your child's eyes stay clear and rested:

  1. Reposition the monitor to be at arm's length from your child's eyes
  2. Take regular breaks as needed to rest their eyes
  3. If the text on the screen is too small, zoom in rather than lean in
  4. Ensure the lights in the room are dimmer than the screen to reduce glare and make it easier to see the screen
  5. Kids should rest their eyes for 15 minutes every two hours of looking at the screen