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Pediatric Eye Care

Children and Young Adults Welcome!

Need an eye exam for your child in Timonium or Carney? Visit us today. At Professional Vision we are equipped to perform eye exams without making them intimidating. We use a calm and friendly approach and we make the tests fun. From special eye charts with pictures to superfast autorefractor machines that take the guess work out of vision tests, we cater to kids. Since good vision is an important factor in your child's learning, we also test for vision related learning problems.

Children's myopia is a growing problem. In 1971-1972,  25% of children were affected. Today approximately 41% of all children in the U.S. suffer with myopia. While genetics is the main reason for myopia, the explosion in use of digital devices, including smart phones, tablets, computers and games is causing the huge increase that we see today.

Our Baltimore eye doctors specialize in myopia control using visual hygiene, special glasses, and CRT night contacts or dual focus soft contacts worn during the day. These special contact lenses can slow myopia up to 50%. We also have contacts for children to protect their eyes and help them excel at sports.

Vision may be the most important of the five senses; it plays a critical role throughout childhood and into adulthood. Yet many parents don't understand how vision helps their children develop appropriately.

Explanations for parents

We take the time to talk to you about your child's visual development, explain vision problems and give you treatment options. Our pediatric eye care services are available throughout our clinics in Timonium and Carney.

Eyeglasses for the younger set

We have lots of frames that look cool and fit well so kids actually love their glasses! We use durable products and safe polycarbonate lenses plus we have a great warranty program -- but kids will be kids and we are always here to repair glasses when needed.

Contacts for kids

Contact lenses have changed and they are safer and more convenient than ever, making them a great option for younger children. Disposable contacts take the worry out of losing lenses; we even fit lenses that are thrown away after each day of use! Personal appearance and self-esteem are important factors in a child's development and many kids are thrilled with the idea of not wearing glasses. Contacts are a great option for sports and other activities. An easy, in-office, free trial can tell us if a child is ready.

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